In buying this or any domain you are agreeing that the fee paid is to release the domain name by unlocking it and provide you with the auth code to transfer it to your own server
We are not responsible for any further fees relating to the transfer IN to your own domain registrar

Once you have bought the domain from us it will not be renewed so we expect buyers to transfer the domain name away from us within 7 days
The purchase fee is a once off, following years costs must be confirmed with your ISP.
There can be a delay in transfer imposed by ICANN and other such authorities if the domain is less than 60 days – in this case we can change the nameservers and/or DNS to enable pointing to your server for immediate use until the domain is able to be transferred

Domain Configuration

* Your domain name is a powerful part of search engine optimization but your web page content and construction MUST be suitably representative of the domain name i.e. it must include content pertinent to the domain name.