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Why You Need to Own Descriptive Domain Names

  • You will own your market space. Marketing rule #1 is to own your target market space. You want your customer to think of you every time they think of the product or service that you offer. And every time they type your product or service into Google, they should see your company and not the other guy’s.
  • Build brand value—euro value. Look at owning domain names like owning digital real estate. Instead of location, location, location, you want to be thinking keywords, keywords, keywords. Owning the most popular words that a target customer will use when they are looking for your product is like money in the bank. You can use this name to sell your product or you can sell the name to the highest bidder who has a product to sell.
  • You will rank higher. Google gives more weight to domain names that contain the keyword that your customer is searching for. Say your business is called “Boats R Us”. If you sell red kayaks and your customer types in “red kayaks” into their search engine, your company will rank higher if you own the domain name and that domain name points to a page where you feature red kayaks.
  • Get more exposure. By owning more domains, your products, services and company will get more exposure to your target audience. Search engines will rank your site based on how many times certain keywords appear. Buying up domain names that contain descriptive keywords of your products and services increases your likelihood of being found by your ideal customer.